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About BaseballAnalytics.com

Baseball is not just a game; it’s a symphony of moments that create a beautiful narrative. At BaseballAnalytics.com, we aim to capture this essence. Our mission is to demystify baseball analytics, metrics, performance, and statistics. We’ll do the by bridging the gap between the traditional baseball narratives and technology. Just like the tension that builds in the silent moments between each pitch, we believe the heart of baseball lies in the play and the numbers behind it.

All content for BaseballAnalytics.com is edited by Eric Rhodes.

About Eric Rhodes

Hello, I’m Eric! I was born and raised in NJ, The Birthplace of Baseball, and I’ve been immersed in this beautiful game since I was a kid. The dew-soaked grass beneath my cleats and the smell of a leather glove as familiar to me as the air I breathe.

Although I stopped playing after high school and my days on the field are memories now, my love for the game persists. Over the years, it’s taken on a new shape: baseball analytics. As a result, this website brings together the 10 year old in me who found the joy in baseball, my knack for making sense of complex data, and my ability to communicate it all in an accessible and engaging way.

I believe that the beauty of baseball extends beyond the field. It’s also in the numbers that drive the strategies, the player acquisition, and game outcomes. I’ve been a member of the Society for American Baseball Research since 2012 and was previously a marketing lead for Major League Baseball.

Now, I enjoy simplifying these complex concepts, bringing fans closer to the game, and helping them see it from a whole new perspective. I invite you to experience the joy of understanding the game from a new depth – the joy of Baseball Analytics.